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Your dashboard provides an overview of your business. This is the first thing you'll see every time you open Airpay and should help you understand how your business is going.

The dashboard is separated into cards which contain at a glance information that is relevant to you.

Many of the dashboard cards can be re-ordered by long-pressing and dragging (on Android) or by tapping the edit button at the top right of the screen (on iOS).


Suggestion Cards

Complete your business details

Sometimes cards may appear at the top of the dashboard to make a suggestions for things to do in the Airpay app. These can generally be dismissed using the cross on the top right.

Card Reader Card

Choose Card Reader

This card will be enabled if you have card payments enabled for your business.

The card will show the current status of your card reader:

  • Searching for reader
  • Connecting
  • Ready

Or if you don't have a device paired it will offer for you to Choose Card Reader.

If there's a problem with payments then you may see an exclamation mark to the left of this card. Tap on the exclamation mark to see more details, you may need to contact support for more help. Sometimes problems may be temporary, so you can try to re-initialise payments by tapping Try Again.

See payments for more details on how to use your card reader or see the Airpay homepage for details if you don't yet have a card reader.


This card shows you your sales insights for the selected time period.



Sales are counted from when they're paid, or when an invoice is issued.

Top Sellers

This card is hidden in Simple mode.

The Top Sellers card shows you your top performing products for the selected time period.

Top sellers

Payments Received

This card shows a graph of your payments received and allows you to see how you are tracking Daily, Weekly or Monthly.

Payments received

Total Receivables

This card is only visible in Invoicing modes.

This card visualises the percentage of invoices remaining unpaid or overdue. Quickly access each unpaid or overdue invoice for follow up with your customer.

Total receivables


Use this card to let the development team know how your Airpay experience is going and leave us some suggestions. If you need support, please contact us instead.